The Ultimate Rubicon Trail Experience

End-to-End In One Day

Loon Lake to Lake Tahoe

$2500 per vehicle

The Rubicon Trail Tours are especially relevant because this trail is the most famous 4×4 experience in the World. In addition to the amazing scenery the famed difficulty of the obstacles has become an icon that every off-road adventurer wants to experience. Before you get started on your trip make certain to be prepared for this epic journey because you will have made a very serious commitment. As on account of there will be no access to motels, restaurants, taxis, medical facilities, businesses, nor alternate roads to go another way. Consequently you don’t want to make any mistakes in your planning and execution because the Rubicon Trail is the real deal.

For the reasons above we’ve chosen to make our offer to cross the Rubicon Trail with avery highly customized and modern Jeep Wrangler Rubicon edition vehicle with over $150,000 invested into each truck. We believe it’s better to offer the highest likelihood to traverse the trail with a serious attempt at mitigating the risk of getting stranded in the middle of the National Forest and then charge accordingly for it.

Time of Trail Travel:

Trying to estimate the actual time it will take to cross the Rubicon Trail is dependent on factors that include challenges not within our control. It is important that everyone participating in this trek will need to have an understanding for the famed difficulty and unknown challenges that are inherently associated with this terrain. With that said we budget ten hours for the on-trail portion of the experience. But with the constantly changing conditions we never know exactly what we are going to encounter.


  1. During this trek we will provide a healthy assortment of food and beverages.
  2. We start the tour at the Loon Lake trail entrance in El Dorado County. We then travel the Rubicon Trail Tour in the west-to-east direction towards Lake Tahoe – which is the classic way to experience the trail obstacles.
  3. All tour participants will need to agree to the liability release terms and endorse a total liability waiver.

Now that you’ve read this far the question for you is: Are you ready to blow your mind?

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For questions and reservations call 435-210-1020 or email us at