The Ultimate Rubicon Trail Experience

2 Highly Customized $100,000 Jeep Wranglers and 2 expert guides

First class camping gear and delicious food and beverage

2 guests per vehicle (2 vehicles = 4 guests)

4 days & 3 nights tour – $15,000

The Rubicon Trail Tours are especially relevant because this trail is the most famous 4×4 experience in the World. In addition to the amazing scenery the famed difficulty of the obstacles has become an icon that every off-road adventurer wants to experience. Before you get started on your trip make certain to be prepared for this epic journey because you will have made a very serious commitment. As on account of there will be no access to motels, restaurants, taxis, medical facilities, businesses, nor alternate roads to go another way. Consequently you don’t want to make any mistakes in your planning and execution because the Rubicon Trail is the real deal.

Among the seasoned Rubicon veterans the most popular two rules for traveling the Rubicon Trail are 1) you don’t attempt crossing it alone, and 2) you don’t attempt crossing it with just one vehicle. Now everyone has the right to ignore this sage advice, but in the event of mechanical failure you would leave your truck behind to return another day with whatever parts and helpers required to get your vehicle moving again. If this were to happen to you your trip would be greatly inconvenienced and the cost of the back country vehicle recovery will be a small fortune – ballpark $3,000-5,000. You would also want to consider that leaving your vehicle parked while unattended in the National Forest that there is the likelihood that most of your truck would not be there due to vandalism and thievery when you returned to repair it. Sorry but not sorry about that dark-sided reality check.

For the reasons above we’ve chosen to make our offer to cross the Rubicon Trail with, at minimum, two very highly customized and modern Jeep Wrangler Rubicon edition vehicles with over $100,000 invested into each truck. We understand that not everyone can afford such a luxury, but we believe it’s better to offer the highest likelihood to traverse the trail with a serious attempt at mitigating the risk of getting stranded in the middle of the National Forest and then charge accordingly for it.

We do have a requirement that to drive one of our vehicles that you must have adequate off-road experience and once the trek starts our passengers may take the controls of the vehicle as their comfort level permits. In the situations while driving that you may reach an obstacle that makes you feel uncomfortable we will be happy to resume the controls again. Two social idioms apply here: 1)  “Don’t bring a pocket knife to a gunfight”, and 2) “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”, both ring loud and clear here.

In the case whereas a guest is an inexperienced 4×4 driver we will have them join us as a passenger because the Rubicon Trail is no place to be learning the skills required to handle such a dangerous trail. We hear rumors about other entities who provide off-road driving instructions and guiding services on the Rubicon Trail, but we are not one of them, and we profoundly scorn such beginner training on this trail.

There is also the elements of trail etiquette and the likelihood that a novice driver will cause personal injury or vehicular damage and subsequently impede or close the use of the Rubicon Trail for everyone else. Technically, the Rubicon Trail is a public roadway but it’s not an OHV park and getting on the Rubicon Trail will definitely include sharing the trail with the “Biggest of the Bigs” in quality of trucks and driving skills.

It is also very important you completely understand that in the event you are driving one of our vehicles that you will be responsible for any damage to the truck and all associated costs to get the vehicle repaired. If the responsibility of driving a $100,000 Jeep Wrangler intimidates you, or you are uncomfortable with such a financial liability in the event you damage it, then you would be better served not to enlist for it. Just like if you were driving your own vehicle and in the event that you caused damage to it you would be pay for the repairs for it. Can you imagine allowing someone to drive your truck across the Rubicon Trail and them causing damage to it and then not paying the costs to repair it? No; and neither can we. The good news is you are a whole lot less likely to break one of our trucks than one someone elses that costs half as much. We think that affording to drive one of our trucks will end up saving you many thousands of dollars in the long run – and a long, dirty, hike.

Four Days of Trail Travel:

Trying to estimate the actual time it will take to cross the Rubicon Trail is dependent on factors that include challenges not within our control. It is important that everyone participating in this trek will need to have an understanding for the famed difficulty and unknown challenges that are inherently associated with this terrain. With that said we budget twelve hours of on-trail driving time for the experience.  But with the constantly changing conditions we never know exactly what we are going to encounter.

To accommodate the overnight camping we will provide clean and high quality camping equipment to all persons on the trip. In addition to providing tents, cots, sleeping bags, lighting, and cooking gear, we will also provide many other important necessities.


  1. During this trek we will provide a healthy assortment of food and beverages. In the case whereas one of your party may have a food allergy please tell us in advance so as we can accommodate accordingly.
  2. At any time while operating a vehicle there can be no drinking of alcoholic beverages or other substances that impare the driver.
  3. When we start the tour we will begin at the Loon Lake trail entrance in El Dorado County. We then travel the Rubicon Trail Tour in the west-to-east direction towards Lake Tahoe. Traveling the Rubicon Trail in the easterly direction is also the most popular way to experience the trail obstacles and it also contributes to the least amount of traffic. Because the Rubicon Trail is a one-lane “road” and trying to share the trail with on-coming vehicles adds delays and difficulties.
  4. Unfortunately people have died and have been seriously injured while on this trail. Thus, all tour participants will need to agree to the liability release terms and endorse a total liability waiver.
  5. To be eligible to drive one of our vehicles on the Rubicon Trail drivers must:
    1. be 25 years or older
    2. have a valid drivers license
    3. have a credit card on file for vehicle recovery and repairs in the event of causing vehicle damage
    4. have the off-road driving experience necessary to traverse the route

Now that you’ve read this far the question for you is: Are you ready to blow your mind?

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For questions and reservations call 435-210-1020 or email us at