Starting from the Rubicon Trail entrance in Lake Tahoe located in Tahoma, CA, we tour to the renowned Rubicon Springs, Sourdough Hill, Ellis Lake, and Ellis Peak daily from May 25 through November 17th.

Rubicon Trail Jeep Tours offers the following tour experiences:

1) $1,200 - a full day Ride Along guided trip for up to 4 guests who ride with us in our highly customized $100,000 Jeep Wranger Rubicon Edition Hard Rock. This tour follows the Rubicon Trail to the famous Rubicon Springs where we will relax amongst the waterfalls, the swimming hole with rope swing, and a quaint sandy beach along the Rubicon River. After reaching the Rubicon Springs we will relax and enjoy our picnic lunch on the sandy shoreline.

After lunch you can enjoy a refreshing swim, take a hike up the Big Sleuce to visit the spectacular Buck Island Lake located on the fringe of the Desolation Wilderness, or roll out your yoga mat on the granite slabs and enjoy your most epic shivasana ever. Make sure to bring your bathing suit, picnic basket, hiking shoes, and yoga mat for a day of incredible adventure and scenery.

Disclaimer: This tour is not for the faint of heart or a naturally queasy type of person because it includes traversing both directions (downhill & uphill) of the Cadillac Hill segment of the Rubicon Trail. As a courteous and professional warning to those new to the trail, the Cadillac Hill segment is the most intimidating and difficult obstacle along the entire Rubicon Trail. And thus, reserving a tour that includes this segment is to be taken quite seriously. As an anecdote, we have seen guests pull out their rosary beeds and start praying The Hail Mary. So with all due respect to persons with varying degrees of appetite for challenges, please keep in mind that this tour will not be for everyone. 

Note: We do NOT offer Jeep Rental Drive Along tours for this route as it is just too dangerous for anyone other than an expert driver who is specifically familiar with this particular trail . Additonally, breaking the vehicle is very easy to do and the Rubicon Trail is a one-lane road used in two directions. When a vehicle is damaged and blocks the trail it creates a major inconvenience to the other trail users. We need to be considerate of others and not put inexperienced persons in the drivers seat and negatively effect the trail drivability and enjoyment of the experienced trail users. 


1) you dont' have your own very heavily armored and upfitted truck

2) you don't belong to a club that shepherds new members on THIS trail

3) you don't have a ham radio license

4) you don't have a setellite phone

5) you don't have a relationship with a local mechanic who will bring you parts and tools and will make on-trail repairs for you in the middle of the National Forest

6) you don't have $3,000 to call a specialty 4x4 tow company in the event of total vehicle failure

7) you don't have life flight insurance for a serious medical emergency

8) you are going without a freind in another completely upfitted and adequately equiped vehicle

9) you don't have a complete tool compliment in stowage

10) you don't have a portable welder on-board and the knowledge to use it

Then you don't belong driving on the trail and you shouldn't put yourself in a situation that you will very likely regret, and you will very likely disturb the trail enjoyment for the qualified trail users who have paid their dues.

2) $600 - a half day Ride Along guided trip for up to 4 guests who ride along with us in one of our highly customized $90,000 Jeep Wranger Rubicon Edition Hard Rock. This tour starts out along the Rubicon Trail with a visit to Sourdough Hill overlooking the majestic Desolation Wilderness Study Area managed by the University of California, Berkeley. After this spectacular viewing treat, we contrinue on to visit the fairytale-like Ellis Lake for to enjoy a picnic lunch, and then up to Ellis Peak for 360* photo shoot at 9,000' elevation. After arriving here you will view THE MOST scenic place along the Lake Tahoe rim that is accessable via a 4x4 vehicle. This trip is absolutely spectacular. From a trail difficulty standpoint this tour is designated as moderate, though it does have an optional downhill section that will definately thrill.

If you would like to have a customized trip for your family, friends, or executive team, please contact us to discuss your specific interest.

We hope you will join us and get onto the Rubicon Trail for an experience of a lifetime. Rubicon Trail Jeep Tours will create lasting memories of visiting one of the most exciting and beautiful places on earth.

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