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Rubicon Trail to Rubicon Springs

full day – $1200

This all-day tour from Homewood to Rubicon Springs via the Rubicon Trail is a stunning trip that starts on Lake Tahoe’s west shore and visits the historical Rubicon Springs first visited by Euro-Americans on horseback in 1844. This route travels along the famed trail sections of Cadillac Hill and Observation Point. If so inclined, bring your bathing suit for a swim in the Rubicon River that flows along the route.

The trail difficulty will vary with conditions, but you can definitely expect a very exciting and beautiful trip. Trying to estimate the actual time it will take to complete the route is dependent on many factors that include challenges not within our control. With that said, we budget eight hours of time for the experience – but with the constantly changing conditions we never know exactly what we are going to encounter.

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