The views from Ellis Peak are spectacular.

This young man spent his 18th birthday wheeling his mom's Jeep. What better idea for a birthday present to your special someone than this?

The iconic Granite Slabs.

When rolling off the trail at Lake Tahoe it's the time to grab a few cold beers, air up those fatties, make some repairs, and maybe all of the above.

The view from atop Sourdough Hill looking into the Desolation Wilderness.

Just having climbed up Cadillac Hill, this picture is from atop Observation Point looking eastward.

When you start rolling into the Postpile you know things just got real.

These kind of sunsets are a Jeep thing.

Another Jeep trip to another paradise.

This is the normal kind of stuff we see everyday out on the trail. Hard to believe sometimes, but true.

There are people who have style, and there are people who invent style. These folks were the latter.

Know a tree hugger who's dreamed of embracing a 2,000 year old cedar tree? Reserve a tour with us and we can show you the secret place to do it.

When we're not drooling on our 37" tires, super big lift kits, all of our crazy lights, and our synthetic winch ropes, you can find us drooling on the 8,700' elevation spring-fed estuary filled with wildflowers that would make Julie Andrews weep.

Spider Lake in the late spring and early summer is THE place to be.

A window with a view. Yuk-yuk-yuk.

When you see the local Sheriff rolling big hardware you know this trail is LEGIT!!!

And at the end of the day...LIFE IS GOOD!