The views from Ellis Peak in every direction are spectacular.

If you're lucky enough to have a super-cool and super-loving girlfriend who had the idea to hook you up with a surprise Happy Birthday Cake and celebration with your closest friends along the Rubicon River - You would have had to have been a VERY GOOD BOY to get in on this kind of action!!!

For perspective, this section of trail is the "easy route" around the infamous Little Sluice.

Another funtastic surprise birthday party on the Rubicon Trail! The Patron respisado margeritas Samantha made for Clint to chase down his key lime Birthday Cake worked magically well together. We had a blast the whole day. 

The view from atop Sourdough Hill looking into the Desolation Wilderness.

Another Jeep trip to another paradise. 

This is the normal kind of view we see at Ellis Lake everyday. This place is kinda-sorta-a-lot-like if Walt Disney and Thomas Kinkade had a love child.

There are people who have style and there are people who invent style. These folks were the latter. We have a lot of respect for these dudes. Total Pros.

Do you know a tree hugger who's dreamed of embracing a 2,000 year old red cedar tree? Reserve a tour with us and we will show you the secret place to do it.

When we're not drooling on our 37" tires, super giant lift kits, all of our crazy lights, and our synthetic winch ropes, you can find us drooling on the 8,700' elevation spring-fed estuary filled with wildflowers that would make Julie Andrews weep.

Spider Lake in the late spring and early summer is THE place to be.

When you see the local Sheriff rolling big hardware you know this trail is LEGIT

Trips from the Lake Tahoe side to Ellis Peak will often deliver incredible sunset experiences. 

The parking at the Rubicon Springs has it's charms.

This is not your typical M-F commute experience on Highway 101 in the South Bay.

We parked here for a few minutes to go take a look at how crazy the next obstacle section is before we drop into it.

In one picture this is pretty much what it's all about.

If you need to call in one of these you prolly had a rough day. And if you've been on the fence about buying a satellite phone here's one really good reason to help with that decision.

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