Rubicon to Ellis Lake & Ellis Peak2019-05-22T23:32:54+08:00

Rubicon Trail to Sourdough Hill and Ellis Peak

half day – $600

This half-day trip to Miller Lake, Richardson Lake, Ludlow Hut, Sourdough Hill, Ellis Lake, Ellis Peak, and Buck Lake is a stunning adventure that starts along the Lake Tahoe entrance to the Rubicon Trail on Lake Tahoe’s west shore, where we will drive up to 9,000 feet to the summit. On top of Ellis Peak it can be difficult to decide which way to face. On one side you tower over North Lake Tahoe, and on the other you look across the magnificence of Desolation Wilderness, the Crystal Range and Loon Lake are below to the southwest, and the Granite Chief Wilderness to the northwest. Everywhere you look you take in miles of spectacular high Sierra grandeur. The trail difficulty will vary with conditions, but you can definitely expect a very exciting and beautiful trip. And when time permits this route may include visiting Richardson Lake, Ludlow Hut, and Miller Lake.

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